A5 Fitness 4Pcs Stress Ball set for adults and kids for Anxiety, Muscle Focus Improvement, Arthritis & Stress Relief – 4 Resistance Level Yellow(30lb) orange(50lb) red(80lb) blue(100lb) squeeze

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  • 4 RESISTANCE LEVELS BALL PACK – Let your stress away with this pack of stress ball for adults and kids. Your purchase includes 4 different resistance balls, yellow (30lb), orange (40lb), red (50lb) and blue (77lb), for hand strengthener and wrist strengthener
  • WIDELY USE – Use it as a hand exercise ball, forearm strengthener, or therapy ball whether you are an office worker, sports lover, or a patient who needs rehabilitation training. It also helps in alleviating stress and tension and improving focus
  • FIT TO PALM SIZE – Each ball measures 5x 5cm making it fit easily inside the palm of your hand. The pack with different resistance ball levels is enough to meet the family needs and is suitable for all ages from a child to the elderly
  • DURABLE, ECO-FRIENDLY & PORTABLE – Each squeeze ball is made of premium quality and eco-friendly material, odorless, & free from any chemical additives such as BPA with TPR texture surface, completely safe for everyone. Portable and can be taken anywhere
  • AMAZING GIFT – These gel balls can be a perfect gift idea for your loved ones on birthdays, Thanksgiving, and other occasions. Looking for a fun and relaxing toy for anxiety relief?… this pack of stress balls can be your top choice


In our daily routine life sometimes we need relaxation and freshness. In the competitive and modern era, the struggles to have a good life often give us stress and anxiety. We feel tired and want to get rid of everything. Some people with lower mental ability to handle things often suffer anxiety and tension. In that case, the stress balls help them to release stress and anxiety.  So, if you are suffering from any kind of trauma or just tired of your busy schedules you can use A5fitness 4Psc Stress Balls for adults. These balls are especially designed for adults who are facing lots of things but unable to handle. Stress balls will help them to have a distraction from their problems. Adults can release any kind of anxiety, muscle tiredness, or arthritis. The perfect resistance level and color combinations will appeal to you.

Best Fit For Hands

Special capabilities of our Stress balls 

  • 4 Resistance level Ball Pack: We are probably a pack of stress balls through which you can let your stress away from you. You can buy Yellow, Orange, Red, and Blue. 
  • Wide Use: Whether you are an office worker, sports lover, or just need rehabilitation from your hectic routine use our balls. 
  • Easily Portable: Our stress balls are especially designed for the best use at anywhere. These are so lightweight that you don’t feel that you carrying them. 
  • Eco-friendly Materials: The eco-friendly materials, odorless and chemical-free features make them more useable and perfect. 
  • Perfect Gift: These balls can be given to any of your loved ones on their birthdays,  thanksgiving, or on any occasion. 

So, what else do you want? Our stress balls have lots of features that you need or require. These are perfect for those who want to build up hand, finger, and forearm strength and need hand therapy. Our balls are available at any size, and color combinations. You can pick your favorite one.

Suitable for all ages to exercise
Our stress balls for adults are made up in a way that they fit perfectly and easily in your palm of hands. The pack of resistance balls level will be the perfect option for you. We use skin-face thermoplastic Rubber in the manufacturing process of our stress balls. These ensure the reliability and functionality of our balls. You can release your emotional stress and get relief from any kind of tension. 

A5 Fitness 4Psc Stress Ball Set For Adults

A5 Fitness provides high-quality stress balls that are so comfortable to use that you even don’t feel that you carrying them. You can use them anywhere you are. These balls make you feel relaxed and enlighten your mood.  A5fitness has become a leading brand in the entire UK. We provide all types of Gym equipment including hand grippers, Rollers, and Mats, and our Stress balls are also among the most sold and best categories. Various reasons can compel you to choose our platform including. 

  • Experience: We have 15 years of experience in manufacturing gym accessories and other related items. 
  • Quality: We only use high-quality materials to be sure about their durability and functionality. 
  • Trustworthiness: Customer satisfaction is our priority and this is because we have gained the trust of our customers by providing them with the exact things of the best quality. 
  • Free Shipping: Our shipping is free in the entire UK.
The Best Fit For All Hands


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