These gym mats can soften and protect your flooring from scuffs.
20 floor mats in three different colors are included; use them to set up a workout space.
Gym floor mats are 1.2 cm thick, allowing for a comfortable surface that is perfect for weight training and exercising in the gym. Each panel is 30 × 30 cm in size, enabling you to cover a sizable amount of floor space.
Non-toxic EVA foam that is lightweight, latex-free, and portable is used to make the rubber flooring for gyms. Water-resistant materials provide a gripping surface and are simple to clean.
Due to its shock-absorbing properties, versatile foam mats may be utilized for home gyms, workout rooms, and garage flooring. Give your children favorite play spaces with an intriguing interlocking pattern design that will keep them protected from bumps and falls as well.
The puzzle-style installation eliminates the need for glue or tape and is hassle-free. To create a plush yoga or pilates floor, just interlock the edges together. Any significant weight might change the mat’s shape.

£29.30 £35.00

Gym Flooring: 20-Pack 12mm Thick Foam Mats for Home Gym and Yoga

£29.30 £35.00


Gym Flooring: 20-Pack 12mm Thick Foam Mats for Home Gym and Yoga

A5 Fitness Thick Foam Mats: Elevate Your Workout Space

The perfect home gym or commercial gym is incomplete without the right flooring as it makes all the difference. A5 Fitness understands the importance of having a comfortable and safe workout area, which is why we’ve designed our Thick Foam Mats, also known as Floor Mats, to meet all your fitness flooring needs.

Curious About Our Product?

Are you tired of your gym equipment leaving scuffs and marks on your floors? Do you want a comfortable, cushioned surface for weight training and exercising? Are you in search of a durable and versatile flooring solution that can cater to various fitness activities and even provide a safe play area for your kids? Look no further! Our Thick Foam Mats are here to provide the answers to your fitness and flooring concerns.

What Problems Does Our Product Solve?

Our Foam Floor Tiles, at 1.2 cm in thickness, are designed to solve the problem of wear and tear that your heavyweights, treadmill vibrations, and intense exercise routines cause on your floors. They offer a protective layer, ensuring your workout space remains in its best shape throughout the year.

What Do Customers Gain From Our Product?

Here’s what you gain from choosing A5 Fitness’s Thick Foam Mats:

  • Floor Protection: These mats are excellent at softening and protecting your flooring. Say goodbye to unsightly scuffs and marks on your beautiful floors.
  • Comfortable Surface: Our Foam Mats provide a cushioned and comfortable surface for various exercises. Whether you’re lifting weights, practicing yoga, or doing pilates, you’ll appreciate the support and comfort these mats offer.
  • Easy Maintenance: Made from non-toxic EVA foam, our mats are water-resistant and easy to clean. You won’t have to worry about spills or sweat, as they can be wiped clean in no time.
  • Versatility: These multipurpose mats can be used in a variety of settings. Whether it’s your home gym, a designated workout area, or a space for your children to play, our Foam Mats have you covered. Their intriguing interlocking pattern design keeps everyone protected from bumps and falls.
  • Interlocking Design: The puzzle-style installation of our Foam Mats eliminates the need for glue or tape. This makes them hassle-free to set up, allowing you to create a plush yoga or pilates floor quickly. They’re designed to stay in place even during the most intense workouts.

What Makes Our Product Better Than the Competition?

Our Thick Foam Mats stand out from the competition for several reasons:

  • Non-toxic and Latex-Free: Our Foam Mats are made from non-toxic, latex-free, and lightweight EVA foam, ensuring that your fitness environment is free from harmful chemicals.
  • Durable and Portable: The durability of our mats is unmatched. They are designed to withstand the rigors of daily workouts, yet they are lightweight and easy to move or store as needed.
  • Water-Resistant and Easy to Clean: The water-resistant properties of our mats make them ideal for a fitness setting. You can exercise with confidence, knowing that spills and sweat won’t damage the mats, and they can be cleaned effortlessly.
  • Versatile Usage: Our mats are shock-absorbing and versatile, making them suitable for home gyms, workout rooms, and play areas. The interlocking design ensures safety during playtime and workouts.
  • Hassle-Free Installation: No need for messy glues or tapes. The puzzle-style interlocking system allows you to create your fitness floor without any fuss.

What Inspired Creating Our Product?

A5 Fitness is the leading fitness brand in the UK, and our dedication to providing high-quality gym equipment and fitness products recommended by fitness coaches is unwavering. Our Thick Foam Mats were inspired by the need for flooring that caters to the diverse requirements of fitness enthusiasts.

We understand that fitness goes beyond just working out; it’s a lifestyle. With our Foam Mats, we wanted to ensure that everyone, from beginners to experts, could have a comfortable and safe space to pursue their fitness goals.

How We Tested the Product with Famous Fitness Coaches and Arm Wrestlers

Our commitment to quality led us to collaborate with famous fitness coaches and arm wrestlers, who put our Foam Mats to the test. Renowned fitness coaches and arm wrestlers have experienced the benefits of our mats firsthand. Their endorsements speak to the durability, shock-absorbing properties, and ease of use that our mats offer. With their seal of approval, you can trust that our Floor Mats are built to meet the high standards of professionals in the fitness industry.

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